How I Created Abundance In Every Area Of Life By Implementing This System

I was that struggling entrepreneur that was trying to find purpose or what I was good at. I saw all of these hero stories about people making money in their sleep and took all of these courses to emulate what they were doing.

I remember the first day I quit my 9-5 job because my supervisor was a jerk and vowed I would never go back again. And for the first 5 months I felt okay, until I had to tap into my savings, and then my 401k until I was almost tapped out. I was at a pretty low point until I found a strategy on Upwork (a freelancer website) building websites for clients that allowed me to generate my first $6k online with no experience in 30 days. I was on a short high thinking I found something, but after a few months, I went back to that low. I was doing small end jobs and my self-worth and finances took a major hit.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with a rare cancer and I knew that out of everyone I had to be the strongest to get through this. It was then that I was consciously aware that I needed to make a true change.

However nothing was working! I spent thousands of dollars on courses in real estate, how to start a digital agency, make money from home, network marketing... You name it, I tried it... and was left wondering, why is it working for EVERYONE else but nothing was working for me.

It wasn't until I was introduced to transformational training that I found that secret thing....

I was living in what I couldn't do and not what I will do. I was subconsciously sabotaging myself and never left room for growth. I knew I needed a mindset shift. And not one of these Tony Robbins motivational speeches that eventually go away but needed some true change.

I started implementing systems in different areas of my life that has awarded me extraordinary results. I started winning in relationships, career/finance, health/wellness, and personal development. I started obtaining real results by being consciously aware.

People noticed the change and I started introducing my system to people who were getting EXTRAORDINARY results in their lives.

So I created a step by step system for anyone to follow that puts you in the drivers seat to success and gets rid of all the things stopping you from success.

A Few Completed Projects in 2018.....

The 1 Percent Mindset Podcast launched in 2018.

My health transformed and I started challenging my mind and challenged my body

In 2018, I dropped my first motivational album titled You vs. You

My first self published book released in 2018 and started to circulate amongst all ages.


Michael Ducille

Founder of The 1 Percent Mindset


I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner, author and speaker.

My mission is to help young entrepreneurs perform at elite levels in ALL areas of life. How you do one thing is how you do everything, and I help identify areas of weakness that are in people's blindspots.

Created and taught 100+ young people, entrepreneurship in the summer of 2019 with my signature "Leave A Legacy" Program that generated over $50k in a few weeks.

I release a podcast every week "The 1 Percent Mindset" with my philosophies and interviews around The 1 Percent Mindset. The intention is the rewire the mind to think and see things in a different manner.

Benefits others had...

  • Improve your mental fortitude so you will stay disciplined on a regular basis.
  • Get into a work out routine that will help you stay in shape and eating healthy foods so your body can match your mental strength.
  • Improve your relationships so you can learn how to better understand people and work with them in harmony.
  • Build Integrity with you word
  • Create a lifestyle that supports your daily actions


"The shift in who I am has altered change in more ways than one. Integrity is one of the biggest lessons learned.

Dallas Orr

"What seemed impossible in my head was set free when I tackled my self-limiting beliefs. Now I successfully DJ and do photography and high levels

Tashane Dennis

"Mike truly is a special human being that took the time to break down situations that had me get it.

Pri Love


Mental Abundance 30 Day Course

30 Video Modules that hold you accountable to the areas of your life you say you want. i.e. heath/fitness, career, relationships, growth, and leisure and how to make it happen.

30 Day Mental Abundance Journal with detailed action taking steps

24/7 Access to the online content

Customer Support

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Facebook Group

Accountability Partner that will walk with you for your 30 Day transformation.

A community of people that will support and work with you.

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Coaching call

A scheduled coaching call to evaluate and assess what your goals are and how to achieve them.

A detailed strategy plan to

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Daily Discipline Course

6 Series Video Module that recommends 6 domains to do every day for 30 straight days to CREATE HABITS.

Designed to build rigor in multiple areas of your life so you can take on anything consistently

Daily Tracker to give yourself a grade each week every day and give yourself a grade at the end of the week

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The 1 Percent Mindset: Survive and Thrive in the Face of Adversity

A PDF version of Michael Ducille's book

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